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Lindsay Edgerton, Owner/Coach

linIn 2006 Lindsay graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelors degree in Health and Social Science. She has been a coach for 10 years and has been CrossFit Level 1 certified since 2008. In the past 7 years Lindsay has helped open and coach five different CrossFit affiliates in the Portland and surrounding areas. Lindsay has been involved with coaching and athletics since a very young age. She has coached and volunteered at numerous Youth Volleyball Camps and golf clinics, helping young girls prepare themselves for high school and college athletics. Also, she was a manager for her high school football team throughout her whole high school career. She has a passion for coaching because she loves to help people achieve their fitness goals and overall lead a more healthy active life.

Kelly Gilson, Owner/Coach

148542_1687883646801_3208359_nFor over 12 years, Kelly has been involved with martial arts. She earned a Black Belt in Taekwon Do and a High Red Belt in Hapkido. Kelly knows the discipline and hard work that goes into training and competing at a high level. She puts the same level of discipline in her coaching. While instructing and programming a women’s Taekwon Do class she knew that coaching is where her passion is. She is very experienced in Taekwon Do, Hapkido, Mixed Martial Arts, and Kickboxing and she was looking for a strength and conditioning program to compliment those arts. She came across CrossFit in 2010, and was hooked. In July 2011, Kelly was CrossFit Level 1 certified and has been coaching ever since. Her future goal is to develop a self defense class for all people, using her background in Mixed Martial Arts. Although Kelly has been active and an athlete her whole life she didn’t discover all of these disciplines until the second half of her thirties. She believes everyone can start anytime and be successful, its never too late.