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People do CrossFit for a number of reasons: Weight Loss, Physical Strength, Increased Endurance, Improved Cardiovascular Performance and Muscular Endurance. No matter what reason or goal you have, your nutrition will play a huge role in your success with CrossFit.

Many CrossFitters adopt a lifestyle called Paleo or Primal. These lifestyles include consuming lean animal proteins, vegetables, some fruits and some nuts/seeds. That’s it. This increases your bodies ability to perform and recover better. For some, this is an intense change and may be too much to begin with. There is no “One Size Fits All” approach to what you eat. Paleo provides a platform to figure out what works best for your body.

  • Paleo is the lifestyle (diet) of CrossFit.

    The Paleo Diet is meant to help you lose weight with the simple concept of foods being either “in” or “out.” You choose foods that were available during the Paleolithic era, such as meat, eggs, fish, roots, vegetables, berries and mushrooms. You eschew processed foods along with foods that came along after agriculture and animal husbandry were adopted such as sugar, added salt, dairy, grains and all processed or fast foods. You drink water and eliminate all other beverages, except perhaps organic green tea and coconut water. The basic theory behind the Paleo Diet is that your body is evolutionarily and genetically and designed to thrive on caveman-era foods. The diet is purported to have several benefits, though you need to check with a doctor before trying it.

    This “clean eating” lifestyle promotes many health benefits including:

    1) Reduced bloating/water weight
    2) Anti-inflammatory (helps relieve arthritis, fibromyalgia and joint pain)
    3) Increases the body’s ability to utilize fat for energy instead of carbs
    4) Allergen Free
    5) Increased fat loss
    6) Promotes good gut health
    7) Promotes muscle healing
  • Along with your membership to CrossFit Mt. Hood, you also receive a complimentary initial nutrition introduction.

    This is beneficial to you because:
    -To make sure you are fueling correctly for your workouts
    -To make sure your nutrient intake is at an optimal level
    -To help you set appropriate goals

    During your 45 minute assessment, we will cover:
    -Your “diet” history
    -Set realistic goals
    -Your limiting factors or weak spots
    -Basic nutrition education for CrossFit
    -Determining a plan for getting results

    If you desire additional help outside of this introduction, packages are available to help you see the results you want faster.

    Please feel free to contact our Nutritional Consultant for additional services:
    Cassie Kanable phone 503.857.6101 or through email: cassie@stumptownnutrition.com

  • Whole 30 Paleo Challenge

    Challenge Dates
    Our Paleo Challenge ended on the 11th of February! Congrats to all who did so well and saw amazing results! Stay tuned for our next Challenge!!!! Thank you to Cassie for all your hard work on this challenge!

    Kick-Off Seminar
    A challenge kick-off seminar will be hosted at CFST on Saturday January 11th at 1pm and at CFMH Sunday January 12th at 6pm. This seminar will include an info session on the basics of the paleo framework and all the details of the challenge.

    How to Register
    There is a $15 fee to register for the challenge. You must have an active membership at CFMH or CFST to participate in the challenge. Sign up at your gym on the “CFMH vs. CFMH Paleo Challenge Sign-Up Sheet.” You may pay the $15 cash to either Lindsay or Kelly at CFMH, or to Tony or Joon at CFST.

    How to Participate
    Sunday, January 12th and get your “before” photo taken at your gym. Participants will be required to log points each day (either the printed version available in your challenge packet or on the spreadsheet available through email).

    Challenge Criteria
    Your final score for the challenge will be totaled using 4 components:
    1. Food Score. You may earn up to 10 points per day by eating clean Paleo. You’ll be recording food scores for each day of the challenge, and will earn points when you stick to Paleo-approved foods and lose them when you don’t (see the challenge packet for details on yes or no foods). 2. Lifestyle Score. You may earn up to 4 points per day by getting in a WOD at CFMH or CFST for the day and getting ample sleep. 3. Photo Contest. Before and after photos will be taken and the photos will be judged in terms of individual progress over the 30 days. The winner will be the person with to most notable transformation and will earn 30 points, second place 20 points, and third place 10 points. 4. Bonus Points. In addition, you may earn up to 20 points by completing bonus activities during the challenge. There will be opportunities for earning bonus points sprinkled throughout the challenge–so even if you slip up on your diet a couple times (which you won’t!), you could still come out as a winner in the challenge! These may be in the form of a class taught on nutrition/cooking, a mobility seminar, yoga, food journal entries, etc.

    Prizes will be announced at the seminar but may or may not involve a free month of CrossFit and good ol’ cash money!

    For more info on Nutrition or the challenge contact Cassie at www.stumptownnutrition.com