Monday 11/28


Monday 11/28

Hey CFMH! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Alright now down to business, we are starting a new program called “The Hatch method” Squat program. This will be 10 weeks long with a re-test of maxes in the 11th week. I have copied a spreadsheet for you to use during this cycle. We will perform back and front squats on the same day twice a week. Monday and Wednesdays will be our squat days. Make ups can be done in open gym on tues/thurs/sat.

Your coaches will guide you through this program. So questions are welcome. Communicate with your coach. After the class warm up (15 min) you will have 30 min (strict) to complete the percentages before we move on to conditioning.

-one more thing, our warmups will be different as well. Our PT Jay Villareal from Therapydia will be structuring our new warmups. So please be on time!

Here we go…..

*warm up on the top of hour courtesy of Jay Villareal from Therapydia.

A. Week one, day 1 of Hatch Squat –See spreadsheet

B. “Heavyish Fran”
Thrusters 135/95